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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Knitters Loom

OKKKKAYYYYYYY I'm going to town now. I retied all the knots withonly 8 strings per knot. I had tried to weave and it was all looseand nasty. Now it's much better. My placemats are down to about 11.5 " wide, so I think it's going to be a table runner instead. It looks great. I only have a few inches done but now I'm excited. My husband loves the loom......he thinks it's beautiful and wellcrafted and loves the finish. Don't forget,,,,he's an ex-painting contractor, so he's very anal about those kind of things. I'm excited about using up some old yarn so I won't feel guilty about starting new projects.. woohoo....this is fun. I've always wanted to weave...this little baby is the perfect answer. Do I sound like an Ashford Knitting Loom commercial???? I'll come in tomorrow, Thursday.
This is just one of the great responses we've received from customers who have purchased an Ashford Knitting Loom from us. If you want to learn something new, come in and take a weaving class for only $20.00!