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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Garment Show

Above are some items made by just a few of our talented customers. Item #1 is a beautiful sweater made by Nancy Jackson out of Schaefer Laural (hand died). Item #2 is a comfy sweater made by Teena Sorenson out of Sublime. Item #3 is a caplet (that is too big for the manaquin) made by Devvy out of poof. No more cold shoulders. Item #4 is a gorgeous soft hat and scarf made by Joanie Smith out of sinsations and Magic for sparkle. Item #5 is a great little shrug with added sparkle made by Wilma Lander out of Baby Alpaca Grande and Picadilly.

Click on any of the images above or below to enlarge them.

Below are just a few of the trunk (garment) show items that will only be here for a short time longer, so better get in a take a look before they are sent back!