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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Origami Pullover by Frog Tree Yarns

This is a wonderfully cozy pullover that fits every body shape. You will absolutely love this. We have one in our shop for you to see and try one. Honestly everyone who has tried this on loves it!

It is made of Frog Tree Alpaca Sport Melange and is sold in kit form only. Don't wait too long, as they are going fast.


Venezia Pullover Sweater SALE!

Just 5 kits left. One is in color # 24 (Aqua/lime/pink) and the other is # 22 (pictured).

Here wonderful ribbon yarn (Venezia) we have in with a sample of what it looks like. We actually have this top in the shop, so you can see first hand what it will REALLY look like. It's actually very stunning and would make a real nice gift for someone or of course make it for yourself...........even better.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Three Button Wrap

THREE BUTTON WRAP Why grab a dowdy cardigan to cover up bare shoulders when this colorful cotton wrap makes such a statement? The oversized buttons will give even the most basic jeans and tank tops a splash of style. THREE BUTTON WRAP, as seen at Nordstrom’s. KIT INCLUDES: (sold by the kit only)10-12 balls of Cascade Pima Tencel yarn (50% Peruvian Pima Cotton & 50% Tencel), 3 large Coconut Buttons, “Free” pattern. Cost $66.00-$71.10 Many colors to choose from & 9503 (Redish Brown) is 25% OFF of yarn only. Special order colors we do not have in stock are an extra $7.50 to cover shipping and handling. Look on Cascade Yarns Web site for colors. Please note; Cascade Yarn decided to shrink the size of the skeins, so any of the newest colors we have require 12 skeins, as apposed to the 10 needed in the older stock we have. Call to see which colors are currently in stock.
If you prefer, this garment also knits up nicely in Plymouth Yarns Royal Llama Silk, Plymouth Yarns King George, Cascade Yarns Cash Vero and Berroco Yarns Pure Merino Wool. Call or E-mail for custom kit. Prices will very depending on yarn. Phone # 530-877-9276 or E-mail: Note: If you don't already have them, you will need "either" a US# 9X14" straight needle or US# 9X20-24" circular needles. (Purchased separately)


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Knitters Loom

OKKKKAYYYYYYY I'm going to town now. I retied all the knots withonly 8 strings per knot. I had tried to weave and it was all looseand nasty. Now it's much better. My placemats are down to about 11.5 " wide, so I think it's going to be a table runner instead. It looks great. I only have a few inches done but now I'm excited. My husband loves the loom......he thinks it's beautiful and wellcrafted and loves the finish. Don't forget,,,,he's an ex-painting contractor, so he's very anal about those kind of things. I'm excited about using up some old yarn so I won't feel guilty about starting new projects.. woohoo....this is fun. I've always wanted to weave...this little baby is the perfect answer. Do I sound like an Ashford Knitting Loom commercial???? I'll come in tomorrow, Thursday.
This is just one of the great responses we've received from customers who have purchased an Ashford Knitting Loom from us. If you want to learn something new, come in and take a weaving class for only $20.00!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Friday, October 31, 2008

"EASY" Felted Slippers

This is the quickest knit felted slipper you'll ever make. A great idea for people who need a quick holiday gift or ones with many family members to make for.

You can pick from a very wide variety of Plymouth Galway Worsted or Chunky. The slippers only take 2 balls of either yarn on US# 9 straight or double pointed and the total cost is $14.99 in kit form (excluding needles).


Saturday, August 30, 2008

Check out Blanket Paradise

Have you ever had the desire to help out a good cause by providing love, a sense of security, warmth and comfort to people who are seriously ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need, through gifts of new, handmade knitted/crocheted blankets, afghans and chemo caps, lovingly created by volunteers of all skill levels right up here in our own town of Paradise for the people of Paradise? Go to the "Links" button to the right side of our blog and visit

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Great American Aran Afghan

2nd ROUND of Classes

Hi All,
Come join our new Block of the Month Club. What's that? Well, we are going to knit a Great American Aran Afghan (heirloom) with squares and in each square you will be learning a new type of cable stitch. Not only is this a very beautiful afghan, but it is something you will surely want to pass down to your family for generation after generation. Go here to check out what all the different squares are.
It's getting too hot to knit an afghan! Not this one, as you will only be knitting a small square at a time. Very similar to making a quilt and every bit as nice.

The class will be limited to 6 people. You will learn not only to read patterns, but to do many different types of cable stitches every 2 weeks. The 10 session class is $100.00, (that's $10.00/class!!!) cash or check only. Your other option is to pay over time at $20.00 per session, plus the yarn which costs $9.80 per ball of Cascade 220 Superwash. Yes, you can wash it!!! One ball will do a square. If you buy all your yarn at one time you will get a 10% discount on the yarn.

Come in, get signed up and pick your yarn. Yes, you will get to pick colors before we order! Don't forget you can pay per session, if you prefer. In order to get this yarn ordered and meet the class start dates we need you in here early as possible to pick colors, so we can get the yarn ordered and shipped. Because many of you have different schedules we will choose a start date collectively.

Hope to see ya soon!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer Tops

Come on in and let Knit Wits teach you how to knit these cute summer tops made of Cascade Sierra yarn.

Berroco Bonsai Bondok Shoulder Bag

Here is a shoulder bag with tied handle and densely cabled center panel is the perfect summer carryall. Made of Berroco Bonsai and the skill level is easy! Come in and learn to knit it.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

'07 Christmas Gift Exchange

Here are just a few of the many warm scarves and hats Pat knitted for our homeless project. If you can find the time during the busy holiday season you have until December 14th to help some needy people keep warm this winter. The Jesus Center in Chico will distribute them to people in Butte County. They asked if there would be somewhere here in Paradise that could use some for next year. Anyone have any ideas???

Thanks to all of you who are helping and a very MERRY CHRISTMAS to ALL!!!

And the gift exchange!

Well, I think you can see by the smiles we all had a great time at the gift exchange. Robin has on her poncho she made. Leah is wearing her alpaca shrug she made. Pat is finishing her Gossamer shawl which you can see in our shop. Carolyn is working on her Lorna's Laces Cat Paw Shawl. Inga is working on her Ethno scarf and Betty is working on her neck down sweater. Joanie is working on her mystery project. Teena was just goofing off and Patti is wearing her pink scarf .

The fairies we ordered are going fast, so if you want one you best get in and take a look before they are all gone. We sold about 20 so far, just today!

FINALLY....Malabrigo yarn should be in next week or at least a partial shipment!!!

If you want a class on something we have a list of them. If you don't see something you want to make on it, just ask and we will put something together for you.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Garment Show

Above are some items made by just a few of our talented customers. Item #1 is a beautiful sweater made by Nancy Jackson out of Schaefer Laural (hand died). Item #2 is a comfy sweater made by Teena Sorenson out of Sublime. Item #3 is a caplet (that is too big for the manaquin) made by Devvy out of poof. No more cold shoulders. Item #4 is a gorgeous soft hat and scarf made by Joanie Smith out of sinsations and Magic for sparkle. Item #5 is a great little shrug with added sparkle made by Wilma Lander out of Baby Alpaca Grande and Picadilly.

Click on any of the images above or below to enlarge them.

Below are just a few of the trunk (garment) show items that will only be here for a short time longer, so better get in a take a look before they are sent back!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Won't you help us help the less fortunate?

Please see the flyer (on left) for info. on what we plan to do to help out the less fortunate folks in our area. We will do the delivery of all the scarves and hats you knit, just get them in to Knit Wits before the deadline. Remember these items are for warmth, not fashion.
If you double click the flyer you can enlarge it.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Knit Night 7-31-07

Well, Knit Nights over for this month. We all had a ball, as we knitted, ate hors d'ouvres consisting of shrimp, smoked salmon with cream cheese & capers, mozzarella/prosciutto/basil roll, deviled eggs, hot gooey cheesey bread. For dinner we had Lasagna (both meat and vegitarian, garlic bread, garlicy ceaser salad and for desert we had Cheese cake topped with strawberries and blackberries, dark chocolate lacey almond cookies, and not to forget Brooke's William Sonoma lemon bundt cake, which we forgot to put out. Sorry Brooke! THANKS Karen for taking the great pics of Knit Night.

If you are looking to make something a little different we are going to have and enterlac knitting class, as well as the Noro feather scarf and magic loop socks. We are getting lots of new yarns in for socks as well as other things. I hate to be the bearer of this news, but Christmas will be here before you know it, so let's get you started on Christmas gifts. Tomorrow is August already! Some ideas might be a neck down sweater, felted hats, totes and those compfy warm slippers.
We now have really great smelling candles that come in their own beautiful cloth black box. They make great Christmas gifts for almost anyone. Qite honestly just about every person who has picked one of these up and smelled it has bought one or more.

Another item we have added is Emu oil. Yes, Emu oil. It has been documented to cure or at least releave symtoms of arthritas, nose bleads, cuts/burns, stretch marks, reduces cholesterol, treats allergies, migraine headaches, cold & flu, sore throat/nasel congestion, and menstration ailments. It is an excellent moisturizer, anti inflammitory, natural emollient, anti-microbial and is excellent for healing wonds without scarring. We also carry the dog shampoo which not only smells wonderful, but keeps away fleas and ticks.
The staying open until 8PM did not seem to get much interest, so we will be open just until 6PM on Tuesday and Wednesday. The rest of the week until 4:30PM.
Last, but not least, don't forget we still have many yarns on sale up to 50% off!!! Come and get them, before they are all gone.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Cat Paw Shawl

Take a look at this Stunning lace knit shawl. This is a perfect summer project, since it is so light weight. It will be made with Lorna's Laces. You must know how to knit and pearl to join Caroline, who will be teaching the class. We will start the 4 session class Thursday May 17th from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and continue 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. the following Saturday May 19th, the next two classes will be a group decision, as to when they will have the other two classes. If the 4-6 Thursday time won't work for you we will see what we can do to accommodate you. The class cost will be only $25.00, so get signed up to reserve your spot.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Wool dyeing & Spinning Class

Here are some pics of the class Brooke Atherton arranged for those who wanted to learn how to dye fibers and learn spinning techniques. The morning was spent learning to dye wool and the afternoon spinning lessons. They learned techniques in twisting and looping the sections of wool to "tye-dye" the sections of fiber, then we placed each section in the dye pot for various periods of time (last section in was the first section out); then we rinsed and dryed the filber. After the sections were (mostly) dry, we did a bit of pre-drafting and started spinning. Roni is spinning hers on a drop spindle - the rest are using our wheels. Each dye pot was unique and no two had the same exact shade. As the fibers are drafted, the dye shades will change again in the finished product. The most dramatic example is the orange fiber in the center (above picture). The darkest orange on the far left, was only slightly twisted when it was set in the dye pot - the section of the far right was "knotted" rather tightly. The two sections in the middle of the picture were knotted more loosely. We'll post an "after" picture as soon as one of them has a completed bobbin of handspun!!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Venezia Yarn

Here is a new yarn (Venezia) we have in with a sample of what it looks like. We actually have this top in the shop, so you can see first hand what it will REALLY look like. It's actually very stunning and would make a real nice gift for someone or of course make it for yourself...........even better.