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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Knit Night 7-31-07

Well, Knit Nights over for this month. We all had a ball, as we knitted, ate hors d'ouvres consisting of shrimp, smoked salmon with cream cheese & capers, mozzarella/prosciutto/basil roll, deviled eggs, hot gooey cheesey bread. For dinner we had Lasagna (both meat and vegitarian, garlic bread, garlicy ceaser salad and for desert we had Cheese cake topped with strawberries and blackberries, dark chocolate lacey almond cookies, and not to forget Brooke's William Sonoma lemon bundt cake, which we forgot to put out. Sorry Brooke! THANKS Karen for taking the great pics of Knit Night.

If you are looking to make something a little different we are going to have and enterlac knitting class, as well as the Noro feather scarf and magic loop socks. We are getting lots of new yarns in for socks as well as other things. I hate to be the bearer of this news, but Christmas will be here before you know it, so let's get you started on Christmas gifts. Tomorrow is August already! Some ideas might be a neck down sweater, felted hats, totes and those compfy warm slippers.
We now have really great smelling candles that come in their own beautiful cloth black box. They make great Christmas gifts for almost anyone. Qite honestly just about every person who has picked one of these up and smelled it has bought one or more.

Another item we have added is Emu oil. Yes, Emu oil. It has been documented to cure or at least releave symtoms of arthritas, nose bleads, cuts/burns, stretch marks, reduces cholesterol, treats allergies, migraine headaches, cold & flu, sore throat/nasel congestion, and menstration ailments. It is an excellent moisturizer, anti inflammitory, natural emollient, anti-microbial and is excellent for healing wonds without scarring. We also carry the dog shampoo which not only smells wonderful, but keeps away fleas and ticks.
The staying open until 8PM did not seem to get much interest, so we will be open just until 6PM on Tuesday and Wednesday. The rest of the week until 4:30PM.
Last, but not least, don't forget we still have many yarns on sale up to 50% off!!! Come and get them, before they are all gone.